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Hidden Costs Of Homeownership You Should Know

Are you trying to budget out your money to know if you can afford to be a homeowner? It is something many of us do on a regular basis. While there are things that many of us already plan for and understand - including taxes, mortgages, electric bills, and trash collection, there are some hidden

Different Types of Alarm Systems

As you examine the various types of home security system products, it can be difficult to tell different types of alarm systems apart and know what each one does. On this page, we’ll explore a few industry-related terms, so it’s easier for you to determine which system is right for your family. Professionally-Monitored Most people become familiar
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Home Security Tips | Real Estate

Here’s a few tips for making your home more secure. 1) Lighting is your best and cheapest defence against burglaries. If a burglar can be seen it’s much more risky for them to target your house. Neighbours and passerbys could potentially see them and notify the police. Use an energy efficient compact fluorescent bulb in your